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The William Holtz Media Group Lands Partnership w/ "LOZ Boats"

The William Holtz Media Group, parent company to Lake TV Lake of the Ozarks, has officially agreed in terms to obtain ownership in the # 1 Lake of the Ozarks Boating Community on Instagram, LOZ Boats. LOZ Boats is the leading Instagram account for all things boating at Lake of the Ozarks.


LOZ Boats launched on November 28th, 2018 and already has 15,600 followers while averaging over 75 new followers per day. The page currently has 273 posts and their videos average around 30,000 views. Some LOZ Boats videos are reaching as many 100,000 views & 250,000 impressions a piece.

LOZ Boats Founder & Co-Owner, Jeremy Amerine is eager about the partnership. "I'm excited. Excited and incredibly humbled to be partnering with Will and Lake TV. I started this about 8 months ago with the intent to entertain on a simple social media platform. Will's built something special here at the lake and I love having the opportunity to partner with him. He saw what I was doing and asked if I wanted to take it to the next level and I was all in. All I can say now is be on the lookout for our next move. I think we are going to accomplish some big time things with LOZ Boats and the Lake of the Ozarks. The best is yet to come," said Amerine.

The WH Media Group founder & owner William Holtz matched Amerine's excitement. "Look man, what Jeremy has built in 8 months is incredible. He's intelligent and driven. He wants to do big things and he's the kind of person I want to align myself with and I'm excited to get to work with him" said Holtz.

Apparently "LOZ Boats" isn't the only thing Amerine & Holtz will be working on together. "I saw Jeremy create a platform by mastering the Instagram algorithm with good content. When I look at what we as a company are already doing well and not doing so well, our Instagram following is the # 1 thing I wanted to improve upon," said Holtz. "We will start with our Instagram Page and continue to grow it, then start focusing on Facebook & YouTube. Then you'll see some fun and creative stuff in the form of clothing and apparel and then who knows what else," said Holtz.

LOZ Boats Recent Posts Reach

Amerine & Holtz will be 50/50 partners in "LOZ Boats" with Holtz handling the marketing, monetizing the page, and content creation. Amerine will handle the day to day postings, operations, and growth strategy. You can check out LOZ Boats on Instagram now at handle @loz_boats and be on the lookout for their Facebook Page, Website, and YouTube Channels in the near future.

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