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Covid-19: Dr. Jenny Powell on Vaccines, Early Treatments, & How We Got Here (VIDEO)

Written by William Holtz - Wednesday, January 12th 2022

It's pretty weird for me as I sit here on the other side of getting over Covid-19. I've seen it rule the headlines over the majority of 2 years. I've watched it effect many people I'm close to and connected to through social media. I've even lost a great aunt and seen this crazy topic divide some of my closest family and friends. But when it hit my household I was letting some of the misinformation & fear creep in. Was my fiancee and 15-month old daughter going to be okay? Was I going to be okay? Now the answer to both of those questions is YES in overwhelming fashion before I worry or concern any of you reading this.

But this time allowed me to go back and watch my recent interview with Dr. Jenny Powell on my podcast "Mic'd Upp w/ William Holtz." In my opinion it was a HUGE land for me to get Jenny Powell, MD to sit down with me for an interview. She's not only a licensed MD with a bachelors in microbiology, but she's currently the President of the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons. Pretty impressive, right? Now, the reason this was so important for me is because I've spent a large majority of my time the last 18+ months studying, researching, and reading about Covid-19 and the various Covid-19 vaccinations on the market. However, I'm not a medical doctor and carry no degree in microbiology or infectious diseases. So it's not that hard to believe that through my many stories and opinions offered through my weekly "Cup of Coffee w/ Will & Chris" show, I've been called an idiot, uninformed, a right-wing propagandist, among many other choice names. That's why I thought it was so important to hear from someone who was truly in a position to offer some insight and factual information on the topic. I mean, what can we trust and believe today? Between CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The Daily Wire... do we really have any news or media that isn't biased and presenting 100% facts without an agenda?

So without my opinion being factored in, I sat down with Jenny Powell, MD on December 11th of 2021 and we chatted for nearly 75 minutes. If you care to see what this particular expert had to offer, you can watch our interview on my "Mic'd Upp" podcast below. Here are a few of the topics discussed:

- What is Covid-19 and what does it do to your body?

- How serious is Covid-19?

- What about the vaccinations? Do you trust them?

- What about alternative treatments like Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine?

- Is there a prevention or treatment for Covid-19?

- We hear how the non-vaccinated are posing a risk to everyone else. However, are vaccinated individuals actually putting the non-vaccinated at risk?

I hope you'll take the time to listen to Dr. Jenny Powell and what she had to say!

William Holtz - Words from Will # 1

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